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Career Crush: Dr. Adanna Steinacker

“As an executive woman, a lot of young girls will look up to me and aspire to be like me so it is my duty and responsibility to mentor and empower young girls and work side-by-side with other women, not in rivalry or competition but in solidarity and support”

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How Jean Nicole Rivers is Empowering Writers Through Innovative Technology!

"Writing a novel is all about continuity. If you do not keep pristine cohesiveness throughout your story, you will lose your reader quickly. The details can be endless; memories, names, settings, habits, lies, themes, ages, years, etc. The better you can manage the many details of the story, the more layered and complex you can make your novel, which is a great way to keep your reader engaged"

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How ELyse Fox is Innovating the Way Black Millennial Women Talk about Mental Health

" If your job doesn’t let you be creative; or you don’t have that dream job yet, use your current job as a placeholder until you are able to get your “dream” job. Make the most of your current job and use it as an investor until you get to Point B. Don’t get stagnant at your day job, volunteer and find other things that would help you reach your goal. There are so many creative jobs out there, you just have to sit down and do the research"